Pontiac An American Classic


As one of the brands discontinued by GM, drivers will have to search the used car market in order to find a Pontiac.

Although GM chose to end the brand, Pontiac has had a number of classic vehicles over the years. Car enthusiasts will certainly remember the Pontiac GTO, which the automaker brought back as the Holden GTO in the middle part of this decade. Muscle car fans may like the vehicle’s high-performance capabilities and stylish look.

Pontiac has a number of other sleek vehicles that deliver above-average performance, like the G8, Solstice coupe, Bonneville and Sunfire. While their sporty features and styling may have caused them to be sold at a premium while new, drivers shopping on the used market can likely find them for a heavily reduced price.

Families will likely gravitate toward the Torrent crossover SUV, which was still successful for the company till the end, though they may also like the Montana minivan or Aztek SUV.

Pontiac also offers vehicles through the GM Certified program. With the brand ending, it is not known how much longer GM will continue to support these vehicles through this feature, so fans of the brand may want to act fast to take advantage of the extended warranties and inspections that come with cars in the program.

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