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Pontiac Car Guide

Pontiac got its start in 1900 with inexpensive vehicles, and then gradually introduced more sportier styling, including 124 inch wheelbase designs, rear-end styling and Catalina trim-level to its new vehicles, which replaced its torpedoes and streamliner models. In 1952 new model cars were introduced by Pontiac that were based on the GM-A body platform.

Windshields were added to Pontiac models in 1953. However, initially the cars were made where two shield units were used. For the company’s 1955 model cars, a new body design and new chassis were introduced in addition to a V8 engine, which replaced using a straight 8-cylinder engine. These new models also came with additional features such as a 173 horse power, overhead valve 8 engine. All of these changes resulted in a dramatic increase of Pontiac car sales.

The Super Chief and Star Chief series models were replaced by the Pontiac Boneville model. The new Bonneville design offered advanced features and a fuel injection system. In 1982 Pontiac introduced the company first wedge-shaped Firebird. During that time period GM, the parent company of Pontiac, introduced J-body cars.

Pontiac introduced its Fiero sports coupe in 1984. It was a two seat, mid engine coupe car that offered good sporting performance at an affordable price. This made the model quite appealing for the masses, especially young people. The Fiero was very successful and helped to increase company sales following a four year gap. In 2008 the company introduced it G8 model cars. It replaced the Bonneville, GTO and Grand Prix models. The Pontiac G3 hatchback model was offered in 2009 and has done well in the market.

Why purchase a Pontiac?

It is strongly advised that every prospective buyer always seek out information regarding a product before buying it. Usually purchasing a car is a long-term investment and you need to know exactly what to purchase to avoid making buying mistakes. Pontiac vehicles feature very attractive and stylish designs. They are fun and comfortable to drive.

Pontiac cars are manufactured by a General Motors division. It is a truly classic model that is enjoyable and thrilling to drive and ride in. The Pontiac Solstic began being produced in 2006. It features a 2.4 litre engine and competes very well with models such as the Saturn Sky and Opel GT. The Pontiac Solstice is a very affordable car and offers not only a bargain price but also added prestige for its owner as well.

This model is in very high demand. However, it has a very low resale value. Yet it offers amazing features and creates a great sense of class and style. There is plenty of room for both passengers and drivers. The only challenges it has is that the passenger seat sometimes ends up becoming the storage era since it has a very small boot. Its strongest competitors are the Mazda MX-5 and Honda S2000.

The Solstice comes fully equipped with safety equipment and also features six speakers and a CD player. This allows the driver to enjoy music while he is driving, particularly on long trips. This model is still in production and prospective buyers can visit auto showrooms, contact dealers and browse online for more details. You should be able to find a great deal on this car model. If your wonderful Pontiac car ever break down in Indianapolis are give Towing Indianapolis IN Pros a call.


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